Dance In Stroud

Boost confidence and ignite imaginations through the exploration of movement and dance

Creative dance classes are for children wanting to…

I combine my skills and expertise as a dance professional, and with my nurturing nature I encourage a mixture of creativity and discipline in my dance classes.

Classes are suitable for both boys and girls. The class will start with a warm-up and other contemporary dance technique exercises, and then progress to choreographic and improvisational movement tasks based around a conceptual dance idea like SPACE, TIME, ENERGY and RELATIONSHIPS.  Each term of classes may be based around a theme e.g.: Underwater, Rainforest, Spring, Autumn, Wintertime, Halloween, Outer Space or Machines

What to wear?  Bare feet please and something your child feels most comfortable moving in. Shorts and t-shirt, tights and a leotard, tutus, spiderman costume are a few options.

First Class Free  Register here

Term time:

Monday 5th November- 10th December

3-4 years  3.30pm- 4.00pm   Price:  £30  6 week term

5-6 years  4.15pm-5pm  Price:  £36  6 week term

Location:  Cashes Green Community Centre, 1-3 Queen’s Dr, Stroud, GL5 4NR


Wednesday 7th November – 12th December  (6 weeks)

6-9 years   4.15pm-5.15pm   Price:  £36  6 week term

Location:  Randwick Village Hall, Chapel Fields, Randwick, Stroud, GL6 6HS







Easter Holidays

Wednesday 26th April – 24th May 2017 (5 weeks)

5-6 years   4.15pm-5pm   Price:  £30 per 5 week term

7-9 years   5pm-6pm   Price:  £30 per 5 week term

Easter holidays

Saturday 29th April – 27th May 2017 (4 weeks)

No class Saturday 13th May- Randwick Wap

3-4 years   9.30am-10am      Price: £20  per 4 week term

5-6 years   10am-10.45am   Price:  £24 per 4 week term

7-9 years   11am-12pm   Price:  £24 per 4 week term


Randwick Village Hall GL6 6HS